Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great Room Chairs...

I am so excited to share that I finally found the right chairs for my Great Room.  I have had such a difficult time incorporating my Cottage Themed idea of a home decor with my Pottery Barn leather couch we purchased last year.  I can tell you that I have scoured the internet several times over and been to every boutique and flea market to find something that sparks an interest!  I finally found them where I originally purchased my two other white chairs.  These new chairs finally arrived yesterday from The Bella Cottage and I am so glad they fit in my home perfectly!
If you missed seeing where my first set of white wingback chairs from The Bella Cottage went, click here to see that post! xoox, tracie

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cottage Garden 4/25/16

Can you believe that the Peony Trees have already come and gone in my landscape since I last shared my garden with you?  Here are a few of my favorite photo's that I captured over the past couple weeks of them.  I only have three Peony Trees in my landscape here at Fishtail Cottage and they are just stunning.

 You see that white blooming tree? that is my Adirondack Crabapple Tree that is absolutely gorgeous and adds so much charm to the garden this time of year. The blooms on this tree start out with pink buds which turn into stark white flowers.  Today it is raining pretty hard here in Seattle, so most of the blooms are falling to the ground.
Columbine has begun to bloom everywhere in the garden...this seems to seed any place that there is available dirt!
 The Spanish Bluebell bulbs are also blooming prolifically - I have them in white, blue and purple.

My most favorite bloom right now though in my landscape is the Northern Hi-Lights Azalea. This started out as just one plant in my garden, but after the first year bloom - I couldn't help but order several more plants for my garden landscape.  This flowering shrub is so fragrant and so gorgeous with it's pale yellow colored flowers if I had room I would plant more! 

I love this time of year and seeing the landscape changing daily! To see more of my garden photo's click HERE to follow me on Facebook, and HERE to follow me on Instagram!
xoxo, tracie

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Our Patio 4/10/16

This gorgeous weather we are having in Seattle has me extra anxious to enjoy my morning coffee on the patio and breath in the blooming landscape! We love entertaining this time of year and having friends and family over for BBQ's.  However the idea of this is weeks away for me and my family as we await permitting from the city and have already put our furniture in storage!

We have just about completed the demolition process of the patio...if you missed my original post about this, click here!

...and surprised to see how much rot and use of untreated wood that was underneath what looked like a beautiful and well put together patio space.  What a terrible job our builder did in his choice of materials we could not see under the stonework.  The project is going to end up being a larger project than originally planned!  Unbelievable, right? 

For now, I am enjoying the open space and the view of the patio gardens and chicken coop  from inside our home. Hopefully there will be progress to share with you within the next week or so? 

xoxo, tracie