Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More life in the landscape…

I am truly enjoying every day that I look out our windows and see more life in the landscape.  I am excited to see that I have even more tulips opening this week ~ is it weird I get a little sad when they disappear for the season? Waiting a whole year for the anticipation of spring again seems so silly, but I love that feeling!!!
It seems that these later blooming tulips are even more prettier than the early blooms!
I have my first lilac that made it’s appearance this week! so yummy! After I write this post, I’m going back out to clip some to bring inside!
Also the Cunningham White Rhododendron has begun to bloom! I love the pastel pink this flower has!
The Bleeding Hearts and Heuchra has certainly perked up the garden beds this past week…I have both of these plants EVERYWHERE in my landscape ~ they look good in sun or shade and no matter what type of soil.  Both are just such happy plants and add a whimsical texture!
Although I believe they need to be planted in ‘masses’ to give the look of a prairie like setting in the gardens is the gorgeous English Bluebells…I started the garden landscape with only blue, but have added both white and pink as well…(my pinks are not blooming yet).
Here are the English Bluebells in my backyard landscape boarding the grass!
Please get ready to join the Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage ~ MAY 1st!  I can’t wait to see you and your gardens! xoxo, tracie

Monday, April 21, 2014

Enjoying Spring…

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter yesterday! I’ve been enjoying bringing bulbs indoors recently! One of the greatest bargains our local grocery stores have available right now, are planted bulbs ~ tulips, hyacinth, crocus are all available at a really great deals.  I picked up these fabulous glass containers that included these hyacinth bulbs for $2.60 each. 
Once they are done blooming indoors, I can selectively place them outdoors in the landscape ~ the fragrance of the hyacinth bloom is incredible, so I plan to plant them close to the patio!  The vases can be used again and again!
I love how you can see the healthy roots ~ makes a statement on the kitchen countertop!
Curious what you are doing in your home while you wait for spring?
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fishtail Cottage Doors are open…

So its only mid April and the doors are wide open in this mid sixty degree weather!  Minus the flies that buzz in now and again, I love having the fresh air come in through our open doors… Our front door opens up to one of my favorite landscape aspects of the garden – it invites the outdoors in or the indoors out. I love this time of year because I feel that with the gardens coming to life it awakens the inside of my home décor to a better match for both inside and the outside of my home. 
IMG_1735 IMG_1723IMG_1711IMG_1749
Here is looking inside from the patio ~
…and of course I can’t forget to share the front of the house!
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